Educational school trips

Educational school trip : a learning tool to develop children’s autonomy !

Our holiday resort is an ideal reception place for schools. Its accommodations, restaurant room and workspaces are completely adequate to receive classes in a peaceful and warm atmosphere. Our partnerships, pedagogical tools and supervising staff enable the children to learn through the acquisition of their autonomy and the reinvestment of their basic knowledge.


You will be accommodated in holiday cottages for 6 children + 1 adult attendant in the heart of a 3 ha wooded park.


Our restaurant can accommodate up to 120 sets and we are committed to cook fresh, local and seasonal products, in order to provide you with a pleasurable experience for your taste buds and ethical cooking !


Our 3 classrooms can accommodate up to 30 persons and we have a computer room equipped with 8 networked computers.

You also have playgrounds, sport fields and free WIFI.

Varied educational school trips

The controlled use of digital tablets is an issue since their massive arrival in households. What better place to assimilate this than close to the Futuroscope, park of future technologies ?


After « Raving rabbids », the digital tablets land in the Futuroscope.

Tomorrow’s pedagogical and cultural tool, the digital tablet isn’t the pen’s substitute : it opens new horizons and we will explore them with you.


Short clips, chosen pictures and sounds : the digital tablet is a way to « think » the report.

Upstream educational work for a simple creation during the stay, to be presented back at school.


Apprehending reading on a digital tablet, and conceive the classe’s digital book :

in the classroom, computer room and on digital tablets, pupils and teachers will interact with our animator.


The digital tablet, new compass ?

How to create with your class a simple orienteering course, illustrated with photographic landmarks and assisted with online informations. Usual USEP course initiation.


  • Arthur and the Minimoys in Imax 3D
  • The Little Prince to imagine and dream
  • My Evolving Planet to understand the world
  • The Image’s Secrets to discover the secrets of film making
  • Robots and Men to dive in the world of robotic…


Customized courses and workshops.

Our staff can also organize a customized stay, so don’t hesitate to contact us !

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